Ustasha Demi-Brigade Zadar (Ustaški Zadarski poluzdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed in July 1944 with HQ in Donji Zemunik near Zadar in Dalmatia with IV (Assault) Bn. V Bn. and VI Bn. of the VII Ustasha Brigade plus Ustasha militia located in the surrounding villages. The purpose of the Brigade is unclear, but it appears to have been set up as a provisional tactical formation to conduct operations in that area. It was last noted in September 1944 and its HQ and staff appear to have been disbanded at that time. (1)


Ust. Dopukovnik Petar Zelić (? July 1944 - ? Sep 1944)


1. [ - ] - Zbornik Instituta za historiju radničkog pokreta Dalmacije, Knjiga (volume) 4 (Split, 1978), p.444.

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