II Ustasha Defense Brigade (II. Ustaška Obrabena Zdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed during the mid-summer of 1942 in the Lipik-Pakrac area from elements of the I (Jasenovac) and III (Stara Gradiška) Battalions of the I Ustasha Defense Brigade, and immediately transported to Hercegovina, where it established its headquarters at Imotski. Additional personnel were recruited in eastern Hercegovina. The brigade carried out large scale arrests and alleged liquidations in the Imotski-Posušje-Duvno-Przina-Kočevina area until it was disbanded at the end of 1943 or the beginning of 1944. All of the officers returned to Jasenovac while most of the men were used to build the VI and IX Ustasha Brigades in Hercegovina. There is no information on the Brigade's composition but it probably did not exceed two battalions. Nor has any information been found concerning the Brigade’s specific operational activity. (1)


Ust. Dopukovnik Frane Primorac (Summer 1942 - Dec 1943)


UNS (Summer 1942 - Dec 1943)


1. Lazić, Dusan. “Organizacija policijsko-obaveštajne službe ‘Nezavisne Države Hrvatske’”; in: Zbornik za istoriju (Matica Srpska, 1972-75).

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