I Traffic Control Brigade Ustasha Militia (I. Prometna zdrug Ustaška Vojnica)
by H.L. deZeng IV

The Brigade began forming in February/March 1943 using the I Bn./Traffic Control Brigade Ustasha Militia as cadre. It was responsible for railway traffic control in all areas of Croatia excluding Bosnia and Hercegovina. Headquarters was always in Zagreb. (1)

Operational History

Nov 43: I Bn. protecting rail communications between Karlovac and Ogulin.
Dec 43: V Bn. in Zagreb and IV Bn. transferred from Zagreb to Varaždin.
Mar 44: IV Bn. HQ now in Krapinske Toplice, but toward the end of March it moved to Banja Luka.
Jul 44: III Bn. transferred from Zemun through Križevci to Banja Luka in a strength of 750 men.
Jul – Aug 44: during the summer of 1944 the Brigade was re-designated X Ustasha Brigade.



Order of Battle (June 1944)

Brigade HQ in Zagreb
I Bn. in Karlovac
II Bn. in Bjelovar
III Bn. in Zemun
IV Bn. in Banja Luka
V Bn. in Sv. Ivan Zelina
VI Bn. in Velika Gorica


1. Arhiv VII, kut. 134a, reg.br. 4/1; Hrvatski narod newspaper; a few scattered references in the German microfilms.

Reference material on this unit

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