(Zeljeznička ustaška Vojnica)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Created 13 October 1941 (Z.o. CCCXLIV-17l3-Z-1941) as a special security component of the Ustasha Militia responsible for guarding the rail lines, train stations, railway facilities and serving as armed escorts aboard trains. With headquarters in Zagreb, the command of the Z.U.V. was directly subordinate to Ante Pavelić in his capacity as Poglavnik and commander-in-chief of the Ustasha Militia. Initially, the Z.U.V, consisted of two battalions, each of three companies, with headquarters in Zagreb and Sarajevo. A III Bn.. was added in May 1942. The command was re-designated Traffic Control Brigade Ustasha
Militia (Prometna zdrug Ustaška Vojnica - P.Z.U.V.) in November 1942 with I Bn. (Zagreb), II Bn. (Sara.jevo) and III Bn. (forming in Osijek). A few months later, during February or March 1943, the Brigade was reorganized and expanded into two brigades: I Ustasha Traffic Control Brigade with HQ in Zagreb, and II Ustasha Traffic Control Brigade with HQ in Sarajevo.


Ust. Satnik Vilko Pečnikar (27 Oct 1941 - 27 Aug 1942)
Ust. Podpukovnik Ivan Herenčić (27 Aug 1942 - ?)
Ust. Bojnik Brulich (? Dec 1942 - ?)