XVIII Ustasha Brigade (XVIII. Stajači Djelatni Sdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Ordered formed 20 November 1944 with HQ in Otočac by consolidating sundry Ustasha units and garrison formations in the north Dalmatian coastal area. (1)

Operational History


Dec 44: the Brigade was assigned to the 11th Croatian Infantry Division from its inception, but the evidence suggests that it was slow in forming and this process may not have been completed until the second half of January 1945. It did not come into significant contact with the enemy and therefore little can be found about it in the surviving documents.


(see 11th Croatian Infantry Division for additional information).
25-26 Feb 45: together with elements of the German 292. Inf.Div. (kroat.), one of its battalions carried out a clearing operation along the road from Josipdol south to Plaški, but took a number of casualties at the hands of Partisan 8th Assault Division.
Apr 45: withdrew toward Karlovac with the rest of 11th Croatian Infantry Division.




I Territorial Corps (20 Nov 1944 - 30 Nov 1944)

Order of battle (1 Apr 1945)

Brigade HQ, headquarters elements and HQ Co. in Otočac
I Bn. in the Otočac area
II Bn. in the Otočac area
III Bn. in the Ogulin area
IV Bn. in the Senj – Karlobag area
V Bn. in the Otočac area
Militia Group “Jurković” in the Otočac area


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Reference material on this unit

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