XVII Ustasha Brigade (XVII. Stajači Djelatni Sdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed 20 November 1944 with HQ in Ogulin in the Lika region by consolidating a number of scattered Ustasha garrison battalions (mentioned are garrison battalions Ogulin, Vrbovsko, Sušak, Riječica, Ozalj and Karlovac) in the area to the southwest of Karlovac. (1)

Operational History


1 Dec 44: Brigade incorporated into the new 13th Croatian Infantry Division (HQ in Karlovac).


(see 13th Croatian Infantry Division for additional information).
6 Feb 45: began a 2-day offensive with German 392. Inf.Div. (kroat.) to clear 8th Assault Division NOVJ from the Oštarije – Josipdol – Plaški area that resulted in fairly heavy casualties on both sides.
11-14 Feb 45: I Bn. was involved in heavy fighting with elements of 35th Assault Division NOVJ in the village of Čatrnja/47 km SSE of Ogulin. The Partisans took the village and I Bn. was forced to withdraw toward Plaški after suffering many killed and wounded.
16 Mar 45: Partisan 8th Assault Division ambused II Bn. in the Saborsko – Poljanac area about 15 km SE of Plaški and claimed 30-45 Ustasha killed.
10 Apr 45: Brigade withdrew from Ogulin together with German 392. Inf.Div. (kroat.) and the key town was taken by 13th Assault Division JA.
18 Apr 45: in the Generalski Stol – Duga Resa area just southwest of Karlovac. Over the 10 days the Brigade was disbanded and its assets used to form the 28th and 29th Infantry Regiments as part of the reorganization of 13th Croatian Infantry Division.


Ust. Bojnik Vinko Ferček (? - ?) 1944-1945


I Territorial Corps (20 Nov 1944 - 30 Nov 1944)

Order of battle (1 Dec 1944)

Brigade HQ, headquarters elements and HQ Co. in Ogulin
I Bn. in Ogulin, but by Feb 45 had moved to Plaški
II Bn. in Ogulin
III Bn. in Ogulin
Ustasha Garrison Bn. Sušak in Sušak


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