XII Ustasha Brigade (XII. Stajači Djelatni Sdrug)
by H.L. deZeng IV

Formed July 1944 with HQ in Tuzla in eastern Bosnia using existing Ustasha battalions already in the area. (1)

Operational History


17-27 Jul 44: just formed, participated in a large-scale anti-partisan operation to clear eastern Bosnia of all units under 3d and 12th Assault Corps NOVJ, but only limited results were achieved. As usual, most of the Partisans slipped through the cordon and got away.
15 Aug 44: tactically subordinated to 13. SS-Div. “Handschar”/V. SS-Gebirgskorps.
Sep 44: a German IX. Waffen-Gebirgskorps der SS (kroat.) reported dated 30 Sep 44 states that the Brigade went over to the enemy, giving up the only industrial complex in the pacified area around Tuzla. This report provides no further details, but is incorrect as it stands. The Brigade withdrew from Tuzla and perhaps a handful of men surrendered and may even have defected, but there was no wholesale defection as implied in the report.
1 Dec 44: Brigade assigned to the new 12th Croatian Infantry Division (Div. HQ in Brčko). Although it had suffered heavy casualties during the September – October fighting in eastern Bosnia, it still had around 4,000 men with high morale and adequate armament.


(see 12th Croatian Infantry Division for additional information).
24 Feb 45: IV Bn. (ex-XXV Ustasha Bn.) and other Ustasha from III Bn. (ex-XIV Ustasha Bn.) were forced to abandon Gračanica with heavy losses when the town was attacked by elements of 23d Assault and 45th Divisions NOVJ. Battalion remnants fell back to Doboj. Several weeks later, III Bn. (now designated as an assault battalion) moved to Gradačac/30 km west of Brčko.
15 Apr 45: withdrawing along the Bosna and Sava valleys toward Zagreb with the rest of 12th Croatian Infantry Division. Brigade strength estimated at 2,500.


Ust. Dopukovnik Avdag Hasić (Jul 1944 - ?) Jan 1945
Ust. Bojnik Petar Dujić, acting? (? - ?) Jan 1945
Ust. Bojnik Dragutin Vudy (Feb 1945? - May 1945?)


II Territorial Corps (Aug 1944 - 30 Nov 1944)

Order of battle (15 Aug 1944)

Brigade HQ and headquarters elements and HQ Co. in Tuzla
XIV Ustasha Bn. (1st – 4th Co.) in Lukavac
XXV Ustasha Bn. (1st – 5th Co.) in Gračanica
XXXVI Ustasha Bn. (HQ Co. and 1st – 4th Co.) in Kladanj
XXXIX Ustasha Bn. ((HQ Co. and 1st – 4th Co.) in Bos. Šamac

Order of battle (1 Dec 1944)

Brigade HQ and headquarters elements and HQ Co. in Brčko
I Bn. in Brčko
II Bn. (ex-XXXVI Ustasha Bn.) in Kladanj
III Bn. (ex-XIV Ustasha Bn.) in Gračanica
IV Bn. (ex-XXV Ustasha Bn.) in Gračanica
V Bn. in the Brčko - Bos. Šamac area
VI Bn. in the Brčko - Bos. Šamac area
VII Bn. in the Brčko - Bos. Šamac area
VIII Bn. (ex-Ustasha Garrison Bn. Županja) in Županja
Ustasha Garrison Bn. Bos. Šamac (a.k.a. XXXIX Ustasha Bn.?)


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