The Kavallerie-Regiment Mitte was raised in April 1943 from Reiterverband Boeselager and was upgraded to 3. Kavallerie-Brigade in March 1944.

In 1943 Rittmeister Georg von Boeselager summoned the famous musician Stabsmusikmeister Hugo Gerlach who in 1943/44 formed the Trompeter-Korps of K.R.M., later 3. Kav-Brigade from trumpeters of ex Kav.Rgt 6 and Kav.Rgt 15. This regimental marching band, consisting of 23 trumpeters was mounted on white horses and was the only Trompeter-Korps which existed during the war.


Major Georg Freiherr von Boeselager (1 April 1943 - Mar 1944)
Franz Graf von Oberndorff (Nov 1943 - Dec 1943) (acting)

Holders of high awards

Holders of the Commendation Certificate of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army (4)
- Boeselager Freiherr von, Philipp, 27.11.1943 (2556), Rittmeister, Kdr. I./Kav.Rgt. Mitte
- Köhler, Hans, 05.12.1943 (2568), Rittmeister, Schwd.Chef 2./Kdr. Kav.Rgt. Mitte
- Schmidt, Hubert, 27.08.1943 (1995), Oberwachtmeister, Schwd.Trupp-Fhr. Kav.Rgt. Mitte
- Schmidt-Salzmann, Walter, 07.12.1943 (2589), Rittmeister, Abt.Kdr. im Kav.Rgt. Mitte
Holders of the German Cross in Gold (10)
- Gehrlein, Eduard 23.04.1944 Oberwachtmeister 9./K.R.M.
- Hunewinkel, August 15.04.1944 Oberwachtmeister 1./K.R.M.
- Jürgens, Ludwig 21.07.1944 Oberwachtmeister 13./K.R.M.
- Oldershausen Freiherr von, Bernhard 02.05.1944 Leutnant d.R. III./K.R.M.
- Pöchacker, Stefan 02.05.1944 Wachtmeister 12./K.R.M.
- Robbert, Helmut 02.05.1944 Obergefreiter Stab III./K.R.M.
- Schmidt-Salzmann, Walter 23.04.1944 Rittmeister III./K.R.M.
- Schulte, Franz 14.09.1943 Leutnant d.R. 1./K.R.M.
- Seggern von, Christian 27.03.1944 Wachtmeister 4./K.R.M.
- Tode, Werner 22.12.1943 Stabsgefreiter 2./K.R.M.
Holders of the Honor Roll Clasp of the Heer (4)
- Boeselager Freiherr von, Philipp 05.01.1944 Rittmeister Kdr I./K.R.M.
- Dresler, Carl 07.12.1943 Oberleutnant d.R. 11./K.R.M.
- Eikmeier, Hans 17.05.1944 Rittmeister Chef 12./K.R.M.
- Rehse, Ernst 07.10.1943 Wachtmeister 2./K.R.M.
Holders of the Knight's Cross (2)
- Boeselager Freiherr von, Philipp 20.07.1944 Major Kdr I./K.R.M.
- König, Wilhelm 10.09.1943 Oberleutnant d.R. Chef 1./K.R.M.

Notable members

Georg Freiherr von Boeselager (Active in the resistance against Hitler and was killed in action before his part in the July 20 Plot was revealed, the Bundeswehr barracks Freiherr-von-Boeselager-Kaserne in Munster was named in his honour 1984)
Philipp Freiherr von Boeselager (Active in the resistance against Hitler and the last surviving member of the July 20 Plot, he died in 2008)


Schwedter Adler (Dragoon Eagle) – Originally worn by the 1. Brandenburgisches Dragoner-Regiment Nr.2.
Photo © Jacques

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