The Infanterie-Regiment 900 (mot) was formed in the beginning of 1940 from Lehrtruppen of Infanterieschule Döberitz and Schule für Schnelle Truppen Wünsdorf. As a Heerestruppe unit it was attached as reserve to Panzergruppe Kleist in the French Campaign 1940. Back from France the Rgt. was subordinated to Schule für Schnelle Truppen Wünsdorf. It was dissolved in spring 1941 and the personal was posted to several newly formed Schützen regiments.

The Rgt. was reformed on 17 June 1941 and became part of Lehr-Brigade (mot) 900. I. Btl. was built through II.(Schützen-)Abt. of Pz.Lehr.Rgt. and the II. Btl. was the motorized II./Inf.Lehr.Rgt. Döberitz. It took part in “Barbarossa” as a reserve with 9. Armee first (Bialystok). Next spots were Witebsk and Smolensk (XXXIX. AK). The unit was part of the advancing troops towards Moskau, reached Kalinin (XXXXI. Pz.Korps) and the outer circle of the Soviet capital (attached to 1. Panzer-Division).
On 5 November 1941 the regimental staff was dissolved and the two battalions were subordinated directly to the brigade staff. During the winter crisis 1941/42 the units retreated alongside 36. Infanterie-Division (mot) (Klin, Gshatsk) and later mainly fought around Rshew and Welish. On order of OKH the two infantry battalions were dissolved per 28 May 1942. The personal was tranfered back home and was distributed to Schule für Schnelle Truppen Wünsdorf (I. Btl.) and Infanterieschule Döberitz (II. Btl.).

Area of operations

Eastern Front , central sector (July 1941 – April/May 1942)

Holders of high awards

Holders of the German Cross in Gold (4)
- Graf, Lothar, 02.04.1942, Oberleutnant, 7./Inf.Rgt. 900 (mot)
- Müller, Friedrich, 18.05.1942, Major, 8./Inf.Rgt. 900 (mot)
- Scholze, Georg, 24.12.1941, Oberstleutnant, Kdr. II./Inf.Rgt. (mot) 900
- Uthe, Kurt, 11.04.1942, Oberleutnant, 5./Inf.Rgt. 900 (mot)
-- [christian name Kurt per Patzwall/Scherzer and Scheibert ; although there are hints for this assumption a first research did not reveal if there is any relation with the KC recipient Konrad Uthe (Kdr. Pz.Gren.Lehr.Rgt. 901, KIA 25 June 1944 near Caen)]

Order of battle (1940)

I. Bataillon
1. – 4. Kompanie
II. Bataillon
5. – 8. Kompanie
9. , Sturmgeschütz-Batterie ??
leichte Feldhaubitzen-Batterie

Order of battle (1941)

2. – 4. Kompanie [SPW]
II.(mot.)Bataillon (Oberstleutnant Georg Scholze)
5. – 8. Kompanie
14.(Pz.Jg-)Kompanie [12x 5cm Pak , 6x 3,7cm Pak]

Sources used

Helmut Ritgen - Die Panzertruppenschulen des Heeres
Helmut Ritgen - Chronik der Panzer-Lehr-Division im Westen 1944/45
Georg Tessin - Verbände und Truppen der deutschen Wehrmacht 1939-1945

Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -