The Abwehr station at Breslau formed a unit in preparation for the invasion of Poland to help secure key industrial installations in Silesia and it was given the name Freikorps Ebbinghaus (also Kampfverband Ebbinghaus, Bataillon Ebbinghaus, Gruppe Ebbinghaus and other variants). A large part of the manpower were ethnic Germans who had left Poland and former members of the Industrieschutz Oberschlesien and also some former members from the Sudetendeutsches Freikorps.
It took part in the invasion of Poland suffering heavy losses during the fighting in Upper Silesia.

Out of this unit came the famous Brandenburg special forces unit, the first step was the Deutsche Kompanie z.b.V..

Known war crimes

Soldiers from this unit was involved in the killings of Polish civilians in several occasions during the invasion of Poland including in Karowice and Orzesze. (1)


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