The Sperrverband Libyen was formed in January 1941 and was used to form the 5. Leichte Division later the same month.


Generalleutnant Hans Freiherr von Funck

Operations Officers (Ia)

Major Wolf-Rüdiger Hauser (31 Jan 1941 - 18 Feb 1941)

Order of battle

Aufklärungs Abteilung 3
Panzerjäger Abteilung 39
Panzerjäger Abteilung 559
Panzerjäger Abteilung 605
- Panzer Kompanie
Machinengewehre Bataillon 2
Machinengewehre Bataillon 8
I./Flak Abteilung 33 (Luftwaffe)

Sources used

Pier Paolo Battistelli - Rommel's Afrika Korps: Tobruk to El Alamein
Georg Tessin - Verbände und Truppen der deutschen Wehrmacht 1933-1945

Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -