The Hochgebirgs-Jäger-Bataillon 1 was created on 20 July 1942 from the I. Ausbildungs-Bataillon für Hochgebirgstruppen (1st Training Battalion for high alpine troops) in Berchtesgaden, Bavaria, WK VII. The establishment was for five Companies. The unit was attached to 1. Gebirgs-Division during the advance of this division into the Caucasus in summer/autumn 1942. Members of the Btl. also took part in the ascent of the Elbrus. During the winter of 1942-43 the unit was broken up and its components distributed among 1. Gebirgs-Division, which at that time was fighting in the Caucasus and later at the Kuban bridgehead.

Area of operations

Caucasus (August 1942 – December 1943)
Kuban bridgehead (January 1943 – February/March 1943)

Order of battle

1. – 3. Jäger-Kp
4. schwere Kp
5. Kp
- Pionierzug
- Nachrichtenzug

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

None known at this time