The 11. Schützen-Brigade was formed on 8 December 1939 as an independent Brigade / Heerestruppe. It was redesignated 11. Panzer-Division on 1 August 1940; the staff of the Brigade was used to form the staff of the division and 11. Schtz-Brig was newly formed within the 11. Pz.Div.

After training at the training ground Altengrabow and at the Lüneburger Heide 11. Schützen-Brigade took part in the occupation of Denmark (operation “Weserübung-Süd”). It was originally assigned for the Norwegian theatre but was relieved by units of the Division Nr. 160 in Denmark and after that took part in the French campaign. There it was entitled “phantom brigade” by the British troops (Flandern) as well as called “brigade fantome” by the French due to it’s success and fast movements and appearance at different places in short time periods. The Brigade was officially entitled “Gespensterbrigade” after a request by the Kdr Oberst Angern.


Oberst Günther Angern (4 Dec 1939 – 1 Aug 1940)

Chief of Staff (Ia)

Major i.G. Werner Wollf

Quartermaster (Ib)

Hauptmann Friedrich-Wilhelm von Heuduck

Area of operations

Denmark (09 Apr 1940 – 13 May 1940)
France (13 May 1940 – July 1940)


Gespensterbrigade (Ghost Brigade)

Holders of high awards

Knight's Cross (1)
- Angern, Günther, 05.08.1940 Oberst Kdr 11. Schützen-Brigade

Order of battle

Schützen-Regiment 110 (Oberst Helwig Luz)
- I. Bataillon , 1.-5. Kp
- II. Bataillon , 6.-10. Kp
- 11.(Kradschtz-)Kp
Schützen-Regiment 111 (Oberst Theodor Bohlmann-Combrinck)
- I. Bataillon , 1.-5. Kp
- II. Bataillon , 6.-10. Kp
- 11.(Kradschtz-)Kp


A badge with a ghost and the text "Gespensterbrigade Angern" was used.
Photo © Jacques

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