The Führer-Grenadier-Brigade was formed on 10 July 1944 and was upgraded to Führer-Grenadier-Division on 26 January 1945.

During the fighting in the Ardennes it saw action against, among others, the 328th US Infantry Regiment, whose commander, Colonel Ben R. Jacobs, in response to the Malmedy massacre, on 21 December 1944 issued an order stating "No SS troops or paratroopers will be taken prisoners but will be shot on sight", there is however no evidence that the order was carried out. (1)


Oberst Hans-Joachim Kahler (Jul 1944-22 Dec 1944) (wounded)
Major René de l’ Homme de Courbière (22 Dec 1944-27 Dec 1944)
Oberst Hellmuth Mäder (27 Dec 1944-26 Jan 1945)

Holders of high awards

Holders of the Commendation Certificate of the Commander-in-Chief of the Army (2)
- Meier, Harald, 05.12.1944 (4722), Obergefreiter, Richtschütze i. d. 4./Pz.Gren.Btl./Führer-Gren.Brig.
- Schubert, Ernst, 05.12.1944 (4721), Oberleutnant, Chef 2./Pz.Füs.Btl./Führer-Gren.Brig.
Holders of the Honor Roll Clasp of the Heer (6)
- Apel, Heinrich, 05.12.1944, Leutnant, 1./Pz.Gren.Btl./Führer-Gren.Brig.
- Correus, Heinz, 05.03.1945, Oberleutnant, Pz.Rgt./Führer-Gren.Brig.
- Hucke, Friedrich, 15.12.1944, Unteroffizier, 1./Pz.Gren.Btl./Führer-Gren.Brig.
- Luchesi, Gustav, 05.12.1944, Oberleutnant, 1./Pz.Füs.Btl. /Führer-Gren.Brig.
- Peter, Ernst, 27.12.1944, Leutnant d.R., Pz.Pi.Kp./Führer-Gren.Brig.
- Uslar-Gleichen Freiherr von, Horst, 07.12.1944, Major, Pz.Abt./Führer-Gren.Brig.
Holders of the Knight's Cross (4)
- Heinrich, Willi 09.12.1944 Leutnant Führer 1./Pz.Abt Führer-Gren-Brig
- Hensel, Herbert 05.03.1945 Hauptmann Kdr Pz.Füs.Btl / Führer-Gren-Brig
- Kapsreiter, Franz 14.01.1945 Oberfeldwebel Zugführer i. d. 4.(Stug)/Führer-Gren-Brig
- Lehnhoff, Ernst-Günter 12.12.1944 Major Kdr Pz.Füs.Btl / Führer Gren-Brig


An “FG” monogram for wear on the shoulder straps was produced but it was apparently not widely worn. It was replaced by the standard “GD” monogram in late 1944; per Williamson the unit ceased using a monogram altogether in early 1945.

The “Großdeutschland” cuff title was authorized for this unit.


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Reference material on this unit

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