The Panzer-Division Kempf (also known as the Panzerverband Ostpreußen) was formed in August 1939 from a mix of Heer (including Panzer-Brigade 4) and SS-Verfügungstruppe units in East Prussia, officially to take part in the upcoming Tannenberg celebrations (to celebrate the large German victory there during the First World War).
It took part in the invasion of Poland, fighting at Mlava, Rozan, Lomza, Kliczym and Modlin. It was disbanded following that campaign and the farewell parade was held on 7 October 1939 near Neidenburg.

Known war crimes

Soldiers from the SS-Artillerie-Standarte along with a few Heer soldiers killed 50 Jews in Goworowo, east of Róznan on 9 September,
A soldier from the SS-Artillerie-Standarte was sentenced to three years in prison in 1939 by a military court for taking part in the massacre and a Heer officer to nine-years. The sentences was later overturned in an amnesty. (2)

During the invasion of Poland elements of the division used human shields:

Ca. 50 Polish peasants with spades advanced in front of the attacking enemy infantry, Germans ordered them to dig niches / trenches for them. [...] The line of peasants was moving forward and ca. 300 meters south of Uniszki Zawadzkie forest they started to dig shelters for the enemy. When Germans got into those trenches, peasants started to move further forward. I ordered the commander of artillery battalion to fire with shrapnels, to wound the enemy, and only scare the peasants. The enemy attack was halted. (1)



Generalmajor Werner Kempf (10 Aug 1939 - 30 Sep 1939)

Operations Officers (Ia)

Oberstleutnant Julius von Bernuth (Aug 1939-Oct 1939)

Area of operations

East Prussia (Aug 1939)
Poland (Sep 1939 - Oct 1939)

Order of battle

7. Panzer Regiment
SS Regiment Deutschland
SS Artillery Regiment
SS Signal Battalion
SS Aufklärungs Battalion
II/47. Heavy Artillery Battalion
2. Co/SS Anti-Aircraft MG Battalion
505. Pionier Battalion
171. Verwaltungsdienste
Kw.Kol.Abt 502


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