The General z.b.V. III was formed in spring 1940 in WK I as an instruction staff, but not mobilized before 1941. The staff was redesignated Befehlshaber rückwärtiges Heeresgebiet 103 on 15 March 1941 for its destinated service to control the rear area of HGr. Süd.


char. General der Flakartillerie Karl von Roques (May 1940 – 15 Mar 1941) (1)


1. Karl von Roques retired from the Luftwaffe on 30 June 1939 with the rank of Charakter als General der Flakartillerie. On 1 December 1939 he was placed at the disposal of the Army (Heer), with the status of “z.V.” (zur Verfügung). On 1 July 1941 finally he was promoted to General der Infanterie z.V. with his prior Luftwaffe rank renamed to the equivalent Heer rank.

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