WB Korsika was formed in September 1943 in direct succession to Wehrmachtbefehlshaber auf Sardinien und Korsika when the latter HQ was renamed officially for the last time. The combined staff for Sardinien and Korsika was created before in summer 1943 by merging the before existing staffs of Kommandant der deutschen Wehrmacht auf Korsika and Kommandant der deutschen Wehrmacht auf Sardinien. With the evacuation of Sardinia in Sep already and the evacuation of Corsica on 3 October 43 (entirely finished on 5 October) finally, the staff ceased to exist.


Generalleutnant Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin (8 Sep 1943 – 5 ? Oct 1943)
[WB auf Sardinien und Korsika : Aug 1943 – Sep 1943]

I a

Oberstleutnant i.G. Hans Meier-Welcker (1)
[simultaneously held the position : Verbindungsoffizier zum italienischen Befehlshaber Korsika (liason officer to the italian commander of Corsica)]

Holders of high awards

Holders of the German Cross in Gold (1)
- Senger und Etterlin, Fridolin von, 11.10.1943, Generalleutnant, WB Korsika [auf Sardinien und Korsika]

Other notable awards and honours

Senger und Etterlin, Fridolin von, 05.10.1943, Wehrmachtsbericht [mentioned in the Armed Forces Communiqué for the successful evacuation of Korsika]


1. 1957 - 1964 Amtschef des Militärgeschichtlichen Forschungsamtes, Freiburg i.Br. [the first Amtschef, well-known and respected Historian and author, who had a big influence on the post-war german military history science and who earned the merits to establish and built the Forschungsamt at Freiburg.

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