The Befehlshaber Süd-Griechenland was in formation and served as a working HQ since June 1941 in reality, but was established first formally when Luftgaustab Süd was restructured and redesignated on 30 September 1941. The staff was redesignated Militärbefehlshaber Griechenland on 25 August 1943.


General der Flieger Hellmuth Felmy (21 June 1941 – 11 Sep 1942)
General der Flieger Wilhelm Speidel (11 Sep 1942 – 25 Aug 1943) (1)


1. Wilhelm “Helm” Speidel was the brother of Generalleutnant Hans Speidel.

Sources used

BA-MA files, RW 40 (and several RH..files)

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