by John Mulholland


Divisions Affiliated with Wkr.XI:
13 Pz, 19 Pz, 31, 48, 49, 71, 96, 131, 171 Res, 191 Res, 265, 267, 276, 295, 321, 352, 390 Sec, 411 Rep, 441, 541 VG, 580 VG, 581 VG, 711.

Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen XI (Commander of Replacement Troops, Wkr.XI.)
- Aug.1939: Formed in Hanover.
Div.Nr.171 (171.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Hannover.
- Nov.1939: Formed as 171.Division from the staff of Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen XI.
- 12 Dec.1939: Renamed Div.Nr.171, it was responsible for conducting Training and supplying Replacements for the divisions affiliated with Wkr.XI.
- Oct.1942: Div.Nr.171 lost its Replacement units and was sent to the English Channel area with its Training elements.
- 01 Oct.1942: Restructured as the 171.Res.Div. and sent to Holland. Its Replacement functions were transferred to the newly created Div.Nr.471.
- Nov.1943: It lost its Training mission and was upgraded to become the 48.Infanteriedivision in Feb.1944.
Order of Battle – Dec.1939 :
Inf.Ers.Reg.19 (Inf.Ers.Btl.59, 73, 74)
Inf.Ers.Reg.71 (Inf.Ers.Btl.191, 194, 211)
Inf.Ers.Reg.216 (Inf.Ers.Btl.348, 396, 398)

Div.Nr.191 (191.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Braunschweig.
- 01 Dec.1939: Formed as Div.Nr.191, it stayed in the Hanover district until the fall of 1942.
- 25 Sep.1942: Restructured as the 191.Res.Div. It was sent to the Mons area of Belgium and it’s Replacement functions were taken over by the newly formed Div.Nr.471.
- Nov.1943: The 191.Res.Div. was ordered to convert to a bodenständige (static) Division and lost its Training mission at this time.
- Feb.1944: The division was upgraded to become the 49.Infanteriedivision of the Feldheer.
Order of Battle – Mar.1940 :
Inf.Ers.Reg.13 (mot.) (Inf.Ers.Btl.(mot.) 33, 66, 93)
Inf.Ers.Reg.31 (Inf.Ers.Btl.12, 17, 82)
Inf.Ers.Reg.267 (Inf.Ers.Btl.467, 487, 497)

Div.Nr.471 (471.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Hanover.
- 28 Sep.1942: Formed as Div.Nr.471 to take over the Replacement functions of the departing 171.Res.Div. and 191.Res.Div.
- 1944: When the 171.Res.Div.(48.Inf.Div.) and the 191.Res.Div.(49.Inf.Div.) were committed to battle, their training functions were assumed by Div.Nr.471.
- Jan.1945: Div.Nr.471 helped form Division “Deneke” from Gneisenaueinheiten of Wkr.XI.
Order of Battle – Dec.1943 :
Gren.Ers.Reg.551 (Gren.Ers.Btl.211, 348, 588, 590)
Gren.Ers.Reg.561 (Gren.Ers.Btl.12, 17, 191, 461, 481, 491)
Gren.Ers.Reg.571 (Gren.Ers.Btl.82, 194, 396, 398)


Div.Stb.z.b.V.411 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 25 Oct.1939: Formed
- Sep.1944: The division was officially dissolved.
Order of Battle - Mar.1940:
Ldschtz.Reg.Stab 111  
(Ldschtz.Btl.701, 702, 704, 706, 708, 709, 710, 711, 712, 715, 716, 718, 719, 720, 721,  

Div.Stb.z.b.V.443 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 18 Oct.1939: Formed
- Feb.1940: Upgraded and renamed 555.Infanteriedivision.

Div.Stb.z.b.V.604 (Special Administrative Division Staff)
- 04 Nov.1944: Formed from Stab “von Tettau” for use against the allies in Operation “Market-Garden”.

390. Feldausbildungsdivision (390.Field Training Division)
- Sep.1942: Staff formed in Wkr.IX with the remainder coming from Wkr.VI and XI.
Formed to supply Training functions for Heeresgruppe Mitte (Army Group Centre).
- Feb.1944: Its Training regiments were converted to Infantry regiments and disbursed throughout AOK 9 (9th Army).
- Jul.1944: It’s staff formed 390.Sicherungsdivision (390.Security Division).
Order of Battle:
390. (Feldausbildungs-)Division 1942:
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-) Regiment 635
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-) Regiment 636
Infanterie-(Feldausbildungs-) Regiment 637

Fld-Ers.Div.“D” (Field Replacement Division “D”)
- Aug.1941: Formed, in Wkr.XI, to assist with the Replacements to the Ostheer (literally “East Army”).
- Oct.1941: Unit returned to Wkr.XIV and was dissolved, later to be reformed in Jan.1942.
Order of Battle – 1941 :
Feldersatz-Regiment D/1
Feldersatz-Regiment D/2
Feldersatz-Regiment D/3
Feldersatz-Regiment D/4

Kommandeur der Schnelletruppen XI (Commander of Mobile Troops, Wkr.XI.)
- Jun.1942: Formed in Magdeburg to control the Replacement and Training functions of the mobile troops in Wkr.XI. It was formed from Stab Schützen-Ersatz-Regiment 13. (13th Rifle [Infantry] Replacement Regiment).
- Mar.1943: Renamed Kommandeur der Panzertruppen.XI
- Jan.1944: Combined with the staff of Kdr.Pz.Trpn.X to form Kdr.Pz.Trpn.X/XI and lost to the Wkr.
- May 1944: A new Kommandeur der Panzertruppen.XI formed.