by John Mulholland

WEHRKREIS V – HQ: Stuttgart.

Divisions Affiliated with Wkr.V:
5 Jag, 10 Pz, 18, 23 Pz, 25 PzGR, 35, 77, 78, 101 Jag, 125, 155 Trg, 155 Res Pz, 165 Res, 198, 199, 205, 245, 260, 277, 266, 282, 305, 330, 335, 344, 355, 365, 405 Rep, 465 Rep, 543 VG, 552 VG, 553 VG, 554, 571 VG, 715.

Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen V (Commander of Replacement Troops, Wkr.V.)
- Aug.1939: Formed in Prague, Wkr.”Bohemia-Moravia”.
Div.Nr.155 (mot.) (155.Motorized Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Ulm.
- 09 Nov.1939: Formed as Div.Nr.155, from the staff of Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen V, in Prague, Wkr.”Bohemia-Moravia”.
- Sep.1940: Transferred home to Wkr.V.
- Aug.1941: Stationed in Stuttgart.
- 10 May 1942: Transferred to Ludwigsburg and renamed Div.Nr.155 (mot.). After surrendering its Replacement duties to Div.Stb.z.b.V.405 it assumed the duties of training the Schnelletruppen in Wkr.V.
- 05 Apr.1943: Renamed Pz.Div.Nr.155.
- 01 Aug.1943: After being restructured as 155.Res.Pz.Div. and being sent to Rennes in north-western France, it gave up its Training duties to Kommandeur der Panzertruppen V.
- Spring.1944: Transferred to Nimes in southern France.
- May.1944: After helping to rebuild the shattered 9th Panzer Division, the 155th was officially dissolved.
Order of Battle – Mar 1940 :
Inf.Ers.Reg.5 (Inf.Ers.Btl.14, 56, 75)
Inf.Ers.Reg.25 (Inf.Ers.Btl.13, 35, 119)
Inf.Ers.Reg.35 (Inf.Ers.Btl.34, 109, 111)

Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen 2./V
- Oct.1939: Formed in Ulm, Wkr.V.
- Nov.1939: Staff transferred to Olmütz, Wkr.”Bohemia-Moravia”
Div.Nr.165 (165.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Stuttgart.
- Nov.1939: Formed as 165.Division from the staff of Kommandeur der Ersatztruppen 2./V.and transferred to Olmuetz, Wkr.”Bohemia-Moravia”.
- 16 Jan.1940: Renamed Div.Nr.165.
- Sep.1940: Returned to Wkr.V.
- Jul.1941: Transferred to the Epinal area of eastern France, with only its Training elements, it became the template for all future Reserve Divisions.
- 04 Oct.1942: Restructured as the 165.Res.Div. It was then sent to the Vlissingen area of Holland for the coastal protection of the island of Walcheren.
- Aug.1944: Upgraded to 70 Infanteriedivision it was lost to the Erstazheer.
Order of Battle –Mar 1940 :
Inf.Ers.Reg.78 (Inf.Ers.Btl.195, 215, 238)
Inf.Ers.Reg.205 (Inf.Ers.Btl.335, 353, 358)
Inf.Ers.Reg.215 (Inf.Ers.Btl.380, 390, 435)
Inf.Ers.Reg.260 (Inf.Ers.Btl.460, 470)

Div.Nr.405 (405.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Stuttgart.
- 23 Oct.1939: Formed as Div.Stb.z.b.V.405 in Stuttgart.
- May 1942: Div.Stb.z.b.V.405 took control of the Replacement duties of Div.Nr.155 (mot.) after that division assumed the Training duties for the Schnelletruppen (Fast Troops) in Wkr.V.
- 05 Oct.1942: Upgraded to Div.Nr.405 and then transferred to Strasbourg, where it controlled Replacement and Training units in Alsace.
Order of Battle - Mar.1940:
Ldschtz.Reg.51 (Ldschtz.Btl.403, 405, 406, 411)
Ldschtz.Reg.55 (Ldschtz.Btl.408, 410, 418)
Order of Battle – Oct.1942 :
Inf.Ers.Reg.5 (Inf.Ers.Btl.14, 335, 358)
Inf.Ers.Reg.35 (Inf.Ers.Btl.34, 109, 390)
Inf.Ers.Reg.78 (Inf.Ers.Btl.56, 353)

Div.Nr.465 (465.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Ludwigsburg.
- 29 Sep.1942: Formed in Epinal, eastern France, as Div.Nr.465 to take control of the Replacement units of the departing 165.Res.Div.
- Dec.1942: Stationed in Stuttgart, Wkr.V.
- Early 1943: Possibly returned to Epinal, eastern France, for a short time.
- 1943: Stationed in Ludwigsburg, Wkr.V.
- Fall 1944: Div.Nr.465’s duties were expanded to include Training functions.
- Jan.1945: Renamed Div.Nr.805 (805.Replacement and Training Division).
- Apr.1945: Transferred to the Feldheer as 352.Volksgrenadier Division.
Order of Battle – Dec.1943 :
Gren.Ers.Reg.515 (Gren.Ers.Btl.75, 195, 230, 460)
Gren.Ers.Reg.525 (Gren.Ers.Btl.111, 380, 435, 470)

Div.Nr.905 (905.Replacement and Training Division)
Home Station: Saar.
- Jan.1945: Formed by re-naming “Division von Witzleben” to Div.Nr.905.
- Mar.1945: Division destroyed.
Order of Battle :
leichte SS-Panzerjäger-Kompanie 95
leichte Artillerie-Abteilung 905
Pionier-Kompanie 905


Div.Nr.606 (606.Replacement and Training Division)
- Nov.1944: Formed
Order of Battle - Nov.1944:

155. Feldausbildungsdivision (155.Field Training Division)
- Dec.1944: Formed in northern Italy to supply Training for recruits and extra service personnel for combat on the Italian front.
- Feb.1945: Upgraded to full Infanteriedivision status.
Order of Battle:
Grenadier-(Feldausbildungs-) Regiment 1227
Grenadier-(Feldausbildungs-) Regiment 1228
Grenadier-(Feldausbildungs-) Regiment 1229

Fld-Ers.Div. “B” (Field Replacement Division “B”)
- Aug.1941: Formed, in Wkr.V, to assist with the Replacements to the Ostheer (literally “East Army”).
- Oct.1941: Unit returned to Wkr.V and was dissolved, later to be reformed in Jan.1942.
Order of Battle – 1941 :
Feldersatz-Regiment B/1
Feldersatz-Regiment B/2
Feldersatz-Regiment B/3
Feldersatz-Regiment B/4

Kommandeur der Panzertruppen V (Commander of Armored Troops, Wkr.V.)
- Aug.1943: Formed from the Stab Grenadier-Ersatz- und Ausbildungs-Regiment (motorisiert).25 (Staff: Motorized Infantry Replacement and Training Regt.25), in Stuttgart, to take over the mobile training duties of the 155.Res.Pz.Div.