The Reichswehr-Brigade 33 Insterburg of the Vorläufige Reichswehr was formed in June 1919 from the Freikorps unit 2. Infanterie-Division.

It merged with Reichswehr-Brigade 1 in October 1919.

Order of battle (Vorläufige Reichswehr)

Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 65
Reichswehr-Infanterie-Regiment 66
Reichswehr-Schützen-Regiment 96
Reichswehr-Kavallerie-Regiment 33
leichtes Reichswehr-Artillerie-Regiment 33

Notable members

Gustav Mertsch (Served in Artillerie-Regiment 33, later division-commander in the Waffen-SS)

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -