The 4. Division was formed on 1 October 1920 from Reichswehr-Brigade 12, Reichswehr-Brigade 16 and Reichswehr-Brigade 19.

The original seven Infanterie-Divisionen of the Reichswehr were used to form 21 new divisions 1 October 1934. These divisions used at first used cover names to hide their divisional size but in October 1935 these were dropped.
The infantry regiment of this division was used to form infantry regiments of 4. Infanterie-Division, 13. Infanterie-Division14. Infanterie-Division and 18. Infanterie-Division and the staff formed IV Armeekorps.


General der Infanterie Paulus von Stolzmann (1 Oct 1920 - 16 Jun 1921)
Generalleutnant Alfred Müller (16 June 1921 - 29 Oct 1925)
General der Infanterie Richard von Pawelsz (29 Oct 1925 - 1 June 1926)
General der Infanterie Erich Wöllwarth (1 June 1926 - 1 Jan 1929)
General der Infanterie Edwin von Stülpnagel (1 Jan 1929 - 1 Nov 1931)
Generalleutnant Curt Freiherr von Gienanth (1 Nov 1931 - 30 Sep 1933)



Order of battle

10. (Sächsisches) Infanterie-Regiment
11. (Sächsisches) Infanterie-Regiment
12. Infanterie-Regiment
4. Artillerie-Regiment

Notable members

Paul Hausser ("Papa Hauser", commander of Infanterie-Regiment 10, often regarded as the "Father" of the Waffen-SS)
Wilhelm List (Reached the highest rank in the German Army, Generalfeldmarschall, in 1940)
Jürgen Wagner (Served in Infanterie-Regiment 12, later division-commander in the Waffen-SS)
Erwin von Witzleben (Active in the resistance against Hitler and executed after the failure of the July 20 Plot, reached the highest rank in the German Army, Generalfeldmarschall, in 1940)

Soldiers of 4. Division on exercise at Naumberg 1927 with a 25cm Schwerer Minenwerfer 16 mortar

(Courtesy of Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Germany)

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