The 3. Division was formed from the 3. Brigade Niederösterreich in June 1935. Following the Anschluss when Austria became a part of Germany it was used to form the 44. Infanterie-Division.


Generalmajor Wilhelm Gebauer (1 June 1935 - 31 Mar 1937)
Generalmajor Valentin Feurstein (1 Apr 1937 - Mar 1938)

Order of battle

Niederösterreichisches Infanterieregiment General der Infanterie Carl Vaugoin Nr.5
Niederösterreichisches Infanterieregiment Nr.6
Niederösterreichisches Leichtes Artillerieregiment Nr.3
Infanterie-Kanonen-Abteilung 3
Niederösterreichisches Pionierbataillon Nr.3
Telegraphen-Bataillon 3
Brückenbataillon Vizeadmiral Tegetthoff
Division-Kraftfahr-Abteilung 3

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