The Hird was the "SturmAbteilung", i.e. party militia, of the Norweigan nazi party Nasjonal Samling (NS), led by Vidkun Quisling. It was formed in 1934 and was a volunteer part-time organization for members 18 to 45 years old until 1943 when membership became compulsory.
It was given police powers in March 1941 and was made a part of the armed forces on 14 August 1943.

Hirdmann from Oslo
(Courtesy of Bjørn Jervås)

The Hird included several sub-organisations:
Førergarden was the personal bodyguard unit of Quisling and was made up of 150 hand-picked volunteers. Førergarden was led by Sveitfører Carlsson (20 Apr 1942 - 1 Apr 1944), Sverre Henschien (1944 - 1945) and finally Sveitfører Sophus Kahrs (Feb 1945 - May 1945).
Rikshirden, see below.

The Rikshird was made up of:
Hirdens Flykorps was the flying section of the Hird, much like the German NSFK. It was formed Mar 1942 and supplied volunteers to the Luftwaffe. It was commanded by Korpsfører Erling W. Eliassen.
Hirdmarinen was the naval section of the Hird. It was formed May 1942 and supplied volunteers to the Kriegsmarine. It was commanded by the Løytnant Bertel Bruun until 17 Nov 1943 and by then by Hirdmarinefører Thorleif Fjeldstad
Hirdens Alamenheter (HAE) was formed 1943 and was a part of "Rikets bevæpnede makt". Its cadre was mainly made up of men from the Hird and it was used as guards and also as an auxilliary force to the police. HAE was operationally under the command of the German policeleader but it could not be used without the agreement of the NS Fører.
Hirdens Bedriftsvern (HBV) was formed 1943.  It cadre was made up of former soldiers in the Freiwilligen Legion Norwegen and it was used to guard the Norweigan plants working for the Germans.
HBV was commanded by Oberst Hvoslef until his death in 1944 and later by Hstuf Frode Halle who also commanded the HAE.

Nasjonal Samling inlucuded several sub-organisations appart from the Hird, such as:
NS Ungdomsfylking (NSUF), led by Minister Axel Stang, was the Norweigan equivalent of the Hitler Jugend.
NS Kvinneorganisasjon (NSK), led by Landsleder Olga Bjoner, was the organization for women.
NS Bondegrupper (NSBG), led by Minister Fretheim, was the organization for farmers.
NS Faggruppeorganisasjon (NSFO), led by Odd Fossum, was the organization for workers.
NS Studentfylking (NSSF), led by Fylkesfører Rolf Holm, was the organization for students.
NS Hjelpeorganisasjon (NSH), led by Landsleder Erling Traaholt, was the welfare organization.
NS Kamporganisasjon (KO), led by Franklin Knudsen (1940-1945), was an organization of the most dedicated members of the Nasjonal Samling. It was founded in 1936 and the membership were 428 later that year and grew to 7.000 in the end.
Germanske SS Norge

Nasjonal Samling Sports leader Charles Hoff (left)
(Courtesy of Harald)


(Vidkun Quisling was Øverste hird-sjef)
Karl Stenersen (? 1934 - 1 Mar 1935)
J.B Hjort (? Mar 1935 - 1 Jan 1937)
Orvar Sæther (1 Jan 1937 - ? Aug 1940)
Konrad Sundlo (? Aug 1940 - ? 1941)
Oliver Møystad (12 Jan 1942 - 30 Mar 1944)
Karl Marthinsen (30 Mar 1944 - 8 Feb 1945)
Henrik Rogstad (8 Feb 1945 - 9 May 1945)


NS Fører
(up to 4 tropper)
(3 lag)
(10-12 men)

Order of Battle

1. Regiment Viken
2. Regiment Eidsivating
3. Regiment Hafrsfjord
4. Regiment Gulating
5. Regiment Frostating
6. Regiment Haalogaland
7. Regiment Viking

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