The Hauptverwaltung Seepolizei was formed in June 1950 from a Hauptabteilung z.b.V. in the Ministerium des Innern (MdI). The administration was responsible for establishing the maritime components of the armed forces of the German Democratic Republic.
On 1 July 1952 it was redesignated Volkspolizei (VP)-See.

Leiter der Hauptverwaltung Seepolizei

Generalinspekteur Waldemar Verner (15 June 1950-30 June 1952)


Inspekteur Felix Scheffler (16 June 1950-30 Apr 1951)
Chefinspekteur Heinz Neukirchen (1 May 1951-30 June 1952)

Stellvertreter des Leiters für Polit-Kultur

Inspekteur Felix Scheffler (16 June 1950-30 June 1950)
Chefinspekteur Erwin Bartz (1 July 1950-30 June 1952)