The Marinefliegergeschwader 28 (MFG-28) Paul Wieczoreck was formed in August 1985 and structured like Jagdbombenfliegergeschwader 77, both of which were based at Laage. Although subordinated operationally to the Kommando der Volksmarine, the wing remained administratively a component of the Kommando der Luftstreitkräfte/Luftverteidigung.
On 20 July 1990, the personnel of MFG-28 adopted the uniforms and military ranks of the Volksmarine.


Oberst Jürgen Roske (? 1985 - ? 1987)
Oberstleutnant Johannes Mallwitz (? 1987 - ? 1990)

Honor titles

It was named after Paul Wieczorek, first commander of the Volksmarinedivision raised from volunteers in Berlin 1918 to support the socialist rising.



Aircraft strength (30 Sep 1990)

23 x Su-22M4 “FITTER K”
4 x Su-22UM3K “FITTER G”

Sources used

Klaus Froh & Rüdiger Wenzke - Die Generale und Admirale der NVA
Wilfried Kopenhagen - Die Luftstreitkräfte der NVA

Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -