With the reorganization/renaming of the Ministerium für Nationale Verteidigung (MfNV) effective 18 April 1990, the ministry was placed under civilian leadership for the first time and the name was changed into Ministerium für Abrüstung und Verteidigung (MfAV). On 3 October 1990, the German Democratic Republic and its Nationale Volksarmee (NVA) ceased to exist upon the reunification of East and West Germany.

Effective that date, the NVA was absorbed into the Bundeswehr as Bundeswehr-Kommando Ost (BwKdo Ost) commanded by Generalleutnant Jörg Schönbohm. The command served as the central control establishment for all troop units, staffs and facilities in the area of the former German Democratic Republic. The command was responsible for dissolving the NVA, maintaining control of equipment/munitions and absorbing former members of the NVA into the Bundeswehr. BwKdo Ost controlled an Army, Navy and Medical Department, a Luftwaffe Division and two military districts, Wehrbereich VII and VIII headquartered at Leipzig and Neubrandenburg respectively. All key military positions in the former German Democratic Republic were replaced with Bundeswehr officers. BwKdo Ost was placed directly under command of the Federal Ministry of Defense in the person of Admiral Dieter Wellershoff, the General Inspector of the Bundeswehr. BwKdo Ost operated for a transitional period lasting from October 1990-June 1991.



Minister für Abrüstung und Verteidigung

Rainer Eppelmann (18 Apr 1990-2 Oct 1990)

Chef der Nationalen Volksarmee

Admiral Theodor Hoffmann (18 Apr 1990-14 Sep 1990)
Generalmajor Lothar Engelhardt (15 Sep 1990-2 Oct 1990)

Chef des Hauptstabes der NVA

Generalleutnant Manfred Grätz (18 Apr 1990-14 Sep 1990)
Generalmajor Michael Schlothauer (15 Sep 1990-2 Oct 1990)

Chef Ausbildung der NVA

Generalmajor Klaus Listemann (18 Apr 1990-2 Oct 1990)

Chef Sicherstellung der NVA

Vizeadmiral Hans Hofmann (18 Apr 1990-14 Sep 1990)
Generalmajor Olivier Anders (15 Sep 1990-2 Oct 1990)

Chef Militärbauwesen und Unterbringung/Ökologie der NVA

Generalmajor Walter Tzschoppe (18 Apr 1990-2 Oct 1990)

Chef Staatsbürgerliche Arbeit der NVA

Generalmajor Olivier Anders (18 Apr 1990-8 Aug 1990)

The position of Chef Staatsbürgerliche Arbeit der NVA was dissolved on 8 August 1990.

The last march of the Wachregiment der Nationalen Volksarmee
(Courtesy of Bundesarchiv/Wikimedia, licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 3.0 Germany)