(Ordin Mihai Viteazul)

Date Instituted

December 1916


Awarded for bravery.

Number Awarded



The German holders of this award are listed on the individual unit histories as part of the Holders of high awards project.

General de brigada Leonard Mociulschi wearing the 3rd Class of the order
(Courtesy of J. Ross)

Generalfeldmarschall Erich von Manstein wearing the 2nd Class of the order
(Courtesy of TH)

Oberstleutnant d.R. Georg Wilhelm Schöning wearing the 3rd Class of the order
(Courtesy of D.W Paul)


This was Romania's highest military decoration

Awarded in these classes (with or without swords):
1st Class (cross worn on the left breast)
2nd Class (cross worn around the neck)
3rd Class (smaller cross worn from a ribbon on the left breast)

It could also be awarded to foreigners.

Photo courtesty of Antiques & Militaria

Sources used

David Littlejohn - Foreign Legions of the Third Reich, vol 4