The SS-Wachsturmbann Eimann was founded in Danzig June 1939 and was a a police reinforcement battalion (Polizeiverstärkungssturmbann).
It took part in fighting in and around Danzig and was later transferred to the former Polish corridor in were it was used for "police duties". These duties consisted of hunting down the remaining Polish soldiers, terrorising the civilians and murdering political leaders, priests, intellectuals and Jews.
It was disbanded 1940 and its personnel were transferred to other Totenkopf-units.

Known war crimes

This unit was involved in numerous atrocities during the fighting in Poland, manily directed against Jews, including at Jaroszew where 46 civilians were killed. On 13 September 1939 it became attached to Einsatzgruppe IV and took part in further atrocities against civilians. (1)

Order of Battle

I. Hunderschaft
II. Hunderschaft
III. Hunderschaft
IV. Hunderschaft


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