The SS-Röntgensturmbann was part of the SS-Führungshauptamt (SS-FHA) and was the X-ray unit of the Waffen-SS medical services with its headquarter in Posen (Poznan). It trained X-ray technicians for assignment to various Sänits-Abteilungen and had soldiers assigned to many different Waffen-SS units and also on occasion to concentration camps to scan for tuberculosis. During the Warsaw Uprising it was also used as a front-line unit.

Several Scandinavians are known to have served in this unit, at least two Danes from Danmarks Nationalsocialistiske Ungdom (the youth organization of the Danish Nazi Party) served there and twelve Norwegians were killed or missing in action while serving in this unit.


SS-Oberführer Dr. Hans Holfelder (8 Oct 1941 - 15 Dec 1944) (KIA)

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Reference material on this unit

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