The Kommandostab RFSS (Kommandostab Reichsführer-SS) was formed on 7 April 1941 as Einsatzstab RFSS (Einsatzstab Reichsführer-SS) and redesignated on 6 May 1941. It was used to coordinate anti-partisan operations on the Eastern Front and to assist in the rounding up of by-passed Red Army units.
It was assigned to XXXXII Armeekorps when it arrived on the Eastern Front but on 27 June Heinrich Himmler removed it from Heer control.
The units of the Kommandostab were normally assigned to the Höhere SS und Polizeiführer (HSSPF) (regional SS and police commanders) and very rarely operated as a combined unit.

Known war crimes

The unit was involved in a large number of atrocities in connection with the anti-partisan operations and it also supported the Einsatzgruppen in the murder of Jews.


SS-Gruppenführer Kurt Knoblauch (7 April 1941 - Nov 1942)
SS-Brigadeführer Ernst Rode (26 Nov 1942 - ? 1944)

Manpower strength

June 1941 18.438
30 June 1944 1.553

Order of battle (22 June 1941)

1. SS-Infanterie-Brigade (mot)
2. SS-Infanterie-Brigade (mot)
SS-Kavallerie-Regiment 1
SS-Kavallerie-Regiment 2
Begleitbataillon Reichsführer-SS

Order of battle (Oct 1941)

1. SS-Infanterie-Brigade (mot)
2. SS-Infanterie-Brigade (mot)
Begleitbataillon Reichsführer-SS
SS-Flak-Abteilung Ost
Flak-Abteilung Kommandostab RFSS

See also the SS-Sonderbataillon Kommandostab Reichsführer-SS.

SS-Ersatz-Bataillon Ost was formed in Breslau in April 1941 as a replacement unit for the units attached to Kommandostab RFSS. It was redesignated SS-Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon Ost 15 October 1942 and was split in two units in June 1943: SS-Grenadier-Ersatz-Bataillon Ost (later give the number 31 and finally 18) and SS-Grenadier-Ausbildungs-Bataillon (later give the number 31 and finally 18). In April 1945 they again merged, this time into SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Ausbildungs-und-Ersatz-Bataillon 18.

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