The SS-Nebel-Abteilung Obersalzberg (SS Fog-Battalion) was formed in the summer of 1943. This smoke-making detachment was based near Berchtesgaden to defend the Berghif from Allied air attacks.
It was made up of Waffen-SS men with limited combat readiness.

In February 1945 the Waffen-SS soldiers were replaced by female SS auxiliaries (most likely from the last course of the SS signals auxiliaries school) who had recieved a four week training on the equipment.
When the Allies attacked the Obersalzberg on 26 April 1945 the fog devices did not work, different reasons for this have been suggested including delays in the alarm, technical problems and errors in the handling by the auxiliaries.
At the end of the war the female auxiliaries fled into the Alps, one of them later recalled:
On May, 4th we received order to gather on Obersalzberg next morning. With regard to the general situation five of us preferred to make rucksacks from our wool blankets, changed our service dresses against civilian clothes, collected food and when dawn of May 5th, 1945 arrived we didn't leave for Obersalzberg but in the direction of Ramsau. On our way we met many groups of German soldiers fleeing to the mountains. A forrester who was walking in the opposite direction led us to a lumberjacks' hut above Lake Hintersee. The next day some SS men appeared there too. Together we started for the higher mountains the next night. The next three weeks we spent isolated in the woods. One day American soldiers found us but we pretended to be lumberjack couples and escaped unscathed. (1)


SS-Hauptsturmführer Hans Schwaiger

Order of battle

1. Batterie (Roßfeld - Oberau - Obersalzberg - Kehlstein)
2. Batterie (Dietfeld - Maria Gern - Bischofswiesen - Strub - Berchtesgaden)
3. Batterie (Königssee - Ramsau)


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