The 1. Bersaglieri Division Italia (1. Divisione Bersaglieri "Italia") started training in November 1943 in Bavaria with German instructors. It was not formally formed until in March 1944 as one of the divisions of the Fascist Repubblica Sociale Italiana (RSI) (Italian Social Republic) with the number 4 but was renamed in August to the 1st division. In December if fought near Parma assinged to the 14. Armee and the mixed German-Italian Armee Ligurien commanded by Maresciallo d’Italia Rodolfo Grazianiand in January 1945 it took part in operations together with 162. (Turkistan) Infanterie-Division in the same area.
It surrendered to the Brazilian 1st Division of the Brazilian Expeditionary Force (Força Expedicionária Brasileira).


General Mario Carloni (Nov 1943 - July 1944)
General Guido Manardi (July 1944 - Feb 1945)
General Mario Carloni (Feb 1945 - Apr 1945)

Order of battle

1. Bersaglieri Regiment
2. Bersaglieri Regiment
4. Artillery Regiment
4. Reconnaissance Battalion
4. Anti-tank Company
4. Engineer Battalion
4. Signal Battalion
4. Transport Battalion
4. Replacement Battalion
German Advisory Staff

Generalleutnant Otto Fretter-Pico of 148. Infanterie-Division and General Mario Carloni of 1. Bersaglieri Division Italia surrendering to the Brazilian 1st Division
(Courtesy of Sívio S. da Fonseca)

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Reference material on this unit

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