During the Second World War she participated in several distant escort missions of important convoys, and in some of the major surface actions in the Mediterranean, e.g. Punta Stilo, Cape Teulada (Spartivento), Cape Matapan and Operation Pedestal. During the latter, on 13 August 1942, she is torpedoed and severely damaged by submarine HMS Unbroken, but manages to stay afloat. She is towed back to Naples, and then to La Spezia, where the armistice in September 1943 stops repair work on her, due to fears that the Germans may use her as block ship to prevent entry into the harbour of La Spezia. On 22 June 1944 she is attacked by Italian frogmen of the Free Italian forces, riding British mini-subs, and sunk. When Allied forces enter La Spezia in April 1945 she is found capsized and sunk at her moorings. She is recovered and then immediately broken up.

Career Timeline

1930 laid down at Ansaldo
1932 launched
1933 commissioned
1942 torpedoed by HMS Unbroken and severely damaged, never to be repaired
1944 lost to an attack by Italian frogmen


Trento Class Heavy Cruiser with minor modifications

Technical Data

Displacement: 13,234 tons normal load (13,885 tons fully loaded)
Dimensions: 196.9/187.6 m long (overall); 20.6 m wide; 6.8 m draught
Horizontal: 50 mm.
Vertical: 70 mm.
Artillery: 80 mm.
Torrione (observation posts?): 100 mm
Armament at design: 8x203/50; 16x100/47;4 automatic cannons 40/39; 4 machine guns 13.2 mm; 8 torpedo tubes 533 mm.
Armament changes 1937: 8x 37/54 replace the rearward 100/47, 8 machine guns 13,2 mm replace the 4 automatic cannons 40/39 and the 4 machine guns 12.7mm
Aircraft: 3
Propulsion plant: 10x boilers; 4x turbines; 4x propellers; 150,000 HP
Speed: 35 knots
Endurance: 4,432 miles at 16 knots
Fuel capacity: 2,260 tons of fuel oil
Crew: 725

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

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