The Conte di Cavour was reconstructed 1933-1937. She was sunk at Taranto 12 November 1940 by a torpedo launched by a British Swordfish aircraft from the carrier HMS Illustrious.
She was refloated in July 1941 and towed to Trieste but the rebuilding was not completed before Italy opted out the war. She was scuttled 10 September 1943 by the Italians but later raised by the Germans. She was heavily damaged by a U.S. air attack 15 February 1945 and sank again.
Raised 1951-1952 and scrapped.


Battleship / Cavour


Laid down - 10 Aug 1910
Launched - 10 Aug 1911
Completed - 1 Apr 1915

Battleship Conte di Cavour
(Courtesy of Magnus)

Sources used

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