Compagnia Autocarrata Tedesca (Deutsche Motorisierte Kompanie) was made up of some 150 German volunteers who had fled from Kenya and Tanganyika. They arrived to Ethiopia on the Italian ship Piave before Italy entered the war, but once that happened they volunteered and on 1 July 1940 the Compagnia Autocarrate Tedesca was formed.
They were trained in Asmara, Eritrea, and saw action against the British forces in September 1940 as part of the Italian East-African Army.


Oberleutnant Gustav Hamel

Order of battle

3 x Platoon
- 2 - 3 squads each


The company was presented with a special triangular flag by Luigi Frusci, the Italian governor of Eritrea, displaying on one side the Italian flag and on the other the German Swastika flag.

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