The 4. Blackshirt Division 3 Gennaio (4. Divisione CCNN 3 Gennaio) was formed in 1935 for service in the Italo-Ethiopian War and was disbanded after the end of that war in 1936.

A new 4. Blackshirt Division 3 Gennaio was formed in 1940 and was sent to Libya in October 1940. It took part in the invasion of Egypt and was destroyed at Sidi Barrani while protecting the retreat of the other Italian units.

Honor title

It was named 3 Gennaio (3 January) in the honor of the date Mussolini took complete control of the parliament, 3 January 1925.

Order of battle

250. CCNN Legion
-   150. G. Carli CCNN Battalion
-   154. D. Mastronuzzi CCNN Battalion
-   156. Lucania CCNN Battalion
270. CCNN Legion
-   170. Agrigentum CCNN Battalion
-   172. Enna CCNN Battalion
-   174. Segesta CCNN Battalion
204. Artillery Regiment
204. MG Battalion
4. CCNN Anti-tank Company
Anti-Aircraft Battalion
Artillery Battalion
204. Mixed Engineer Battalion

Soldiers of 4. Blackshirt Division in October 1940
(Courtesy of Luke)

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

- None known at this time -