The 133. Armored Division Littorio (133. Divisione Corazzata Littorio) was formed in 1939 from the Infantry Division Littorio that fought in the Spanish Civil War in the Corpo di Truppa Volontaria and continued the traditions of the Italian volunteers.
It was a reserve unit during the invasion of France when it attacked through the Piccolo San Bernardo Pass, this attack with the CV-35 tanks were stopped by the French defenders. It took part in the invasion of Yugoslavia, fighting at Mostar and Trebinje.
It was sent to North Africa in the spring of 1942 were it fought until it was destroyed at El Alamein in November 1942.


Gervasio Bitossi

Order of battle

133. Tank Regiment
-  1. Armored Battalion
-  2. Armored Battalion
-  3. Armored Battalion
-  6. Armored Battalion
5. Bersaglieri Infantry Regiment
-  21. Bersaglieri Motorized Battalion
-  23. Bersaglieri Motorized Battalion
-  36. Bersaglieri Motorized Battalion
3. Artillery Regiment
133. Artillery Regiment
3. Tank Group Lancieri di Novara

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Unit insignia illustration courtesy of Wikimedia

Reference material on this unit

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