The 3. Alpini Division Julia was mobilized in October 1939 and was sent to Albania. It took part in the invasion of Greece where it suffered heavy losses with the remains fighting on as a battle group. It was rebuilt while on occupation duty in Greece before being transferred to the Eastern front where it suffered heavy losses at the Don in January 1943.

The survivors were rebuilding the division in Italy in September when it was disbanded.
Some elements of the rebuilding division fought the German forces near Santa Lucia di Tolmino and Piedicolle following the Italian surrender.

Order of battle (May 1942)

8. Alpini Infantry Regiment
-  Tolmezzo Battalion
-  Cividale Battalion
-  Gemona Battalion
9. Alpini Infantry Regiment
-  l'Aquila Battalion
-  Vicenza Battalion
-  Val Cismon Battalion
3. Alpini Artillery Regiment
-  Udine Artillery Battalion
-  Cinegliano Artillery Battalion
-  Val Piave Artillery Battalion
45. Flak Company
47. Flak Company
43. Mountain Anti-Tank Company
83. Mountain Anti-Tank Company
123. Mountain Pioneer Company
103. Searchlight Platoon
113. Mountain Radio Company
8. Mountain Supply Company
9. Mountain Supply Company
111. Mountain Supply Company
8. Mountain Pack Troop
28. Mountain Pack Troop
29. Mountain Pack Troop
33. Mountain Light Supply Column (mot)
127. Mountain Light Supply Column (mot)
725. Mountain Light Supply Column (mot)
726. Mountain Light Supply Column (mot)
950. Mountain Light Supply Column (mot)
41. Mountain Fuel Column (mot)
62. Bakery Platoon
303. Mountain Medical Company
308. Mountain Medical Company
309. Mountain Medical Company
628. Field Hospital
629. Field Hospital
630. Field Hospital
633. Field Hospital
814. Field Hospital
873. Field Hospital
202. Field Post Office

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Reference material on this unit

Giacomo Fatuzzo - The Death of the Julia Division: Memoirs of an Officer