The 9. Semi-Motorized Division Pasubio was mobilized in August 1940 and took part in the invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941 capturing Spolato and Sienih.
It was sent to the Eastern Front in August 1941 as part of the Corpo di Spedizione Italiano in Russia (CSIR) (Italian Expeditionary Corps in Russia) and fought there until May 1943. It was reforming in September near Salerno when it was captured by German forces.

Order of battle (1941)

79. Roma Infantry Regiment
80. Roma Infantry Regiment
8. Pasubio Artillery Regiment
85. AA Battery
309. AA Battery
5. Mortar Battalion
9. Mortar Battalion
9. Anti-Tank Company
141. Anti-Tank Company
9. Signal Company
30. Pioneer Company
95. Searchlight Section
5. Medical Section
25. Surgical Unit
825. Field Hospital
826. Field Hospital
836. Field Hospital
874. Field Hospital
11. Supply Section
26. Field Bakery
9. Road Recovery Unit
8. Movement Road Unit
91. Fuel Section
9. Automobile Platoon
25. Motorized Carabinieri Section
26. Motorized Carabinieri Section
83. Field Post Office

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

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