The 151. Infantry Division Perugia was mobilized in August 1941 as a depot division. It was sent to Yugoslavia for occupation duties in December 1941 and in July 1942 it was stationed in Montenegro. It was transferred to Albania in August 1943.

Following the Italian surrender a large number of soldiers managed to escape capture by the Germans but 32 officers were shot as were an estimated 100 soldiers by men from 1. Gebirgs-Divison.

This unit took part in anti-partisan operations in Croatia.

Order of battle

129. Perugia Infantry Regiment
130. Perugia Infantry Regiment
151. Artillery Regiment
29. CCNN Battaliion
151. Mortar Battalion
151. Machine Gun Battalion
151. Anti-Tank Company
151. Engineer Battalion
59. Signal Company
15. Pioneer Company
151. Medical Section
151. Field Bakery
111. Carabinieri Section
112. Carabinieri Section

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Reference material on this unit

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