The 136. Infantry Division Giovani Fascisti was formed from volunteers from the Gioventu' Universitaria Fascista (GUF). Originally 24 battalions were formed but after a power struggle between the Army and the Milizia Volontaria per la Sicurezza Nazionale (MVSN) this was reduced to three and finally two battalions.
They were sent to North Africa in July 1941 as Gruppo di battaglioni GGFF where it saw heavy action. It was decided to upgrade it to an armored division, 136. Armored Division Giovani Fascisti but that was never compelted and it was instead redesignated an infantry division. It was destroyed in Tunisia May 1943.

Giovani Fascisti (GGFF) means Young Fascists.

Order of battle (December 1942)

136. Giovani Fascisti Infantry Regiment
8. Bersaglieri Regiment
136. Artillery Regiment
88. AA Battery
25. Engineer Battalion
53. Medical Section
105. Carabinieri Section
45. Field Post Office

Sources used

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