The 53. Infantry Division Arezzo took part in the invasion of Albania in 1939 and took part in the invasion of Greece in November 1940 suffering heavy losses. After rebuilding it served as part of the garrison of Albania. In April 1941 it invaded Yugoslavia capturing parts of the area that would form the Italian puppet-state Kingdom of Montenegro (a kingdom in name only as Prince Michael of Montenegro refused the crown, it was instead ruled by Italian governors).

Following the Italian surrender most of it was disarmed but significant numbers of the soldiers joined the partisans.

Order of battle

225. Arezzo Infantry Regiment
226. Arezzo Infantry Regiment
343. Infantry Regiment
53. Artillery Regiment
80. CCNN Legion
53. Mortar Battalion
53. Anti-Tank Company
53. Engineer Battalion
60. Supply Section

Sources used

George F. Nafziger - Italian Order of Battle: An organizational history of the Italian Army in World War II (3 vol)

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