The 50. Infantry Division Regina served as an occupation force on the Dodecanese Islands, the most well-known being Rhodes. The only part of it to see combat against the Allies was the 10. Infantry Regiment that was in Crete May-November 1941.

Following the Italian surrender the division fought the Germans until October 1943.

Order of battle

9. Regina Infantry Regiment
10. Regina Infantry Regiment
309. Infantry Regiment
331. Infantry Regiment
50. Artillery Regiment
35. Coastal Defense Artillery Raggruppamento
36. Coastal Defense Artillery Raggruppamento
24. CCNN Legion
201. CCNN Legion
50. Mortar Battalion
50. Anti-Tank Company
23. Anti-Tank Company
46. Signal Company
91. Pioneer Company
250. Pioneer Company

Sources used

George F. Nafziger - Italian Order of Battle: An organizational history of the Italian Army in World War II (3 vol)

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