The 28. Infantry Division Aosta was mobilized June 1940 and was part of the garrison at Sicily. The badly trained division was destroyed during the Allied landings.

Elements of the 5. Aosta Infantry Regiment were part of the garrison on the Island of Pantelleria that surrendered after ten days of heavy bombardment on 10 June 1943 without fighting the landings (Operation Corkscrew). Winston Churchill later wrote that the only British casualty was a soldier bitten by a mule.

Order of battle

5. Aosta Infantry Regiment
6. Aosta Infantry Regiment
22. Vespri Artillery Regiment
171. Tremonti CCNN Legion
28. Mortar Battalion
28. Anti-Tank Company
12. Engineer Battalion
9. Medial Section
28. Medical Section
16. Bakery Section
35. Bakery Section
82. Carabinieri Section
83. Carabinieri Section

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

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