The 4. Infantry Division Livorno  was formed in October 1939 and was reformed in March 1942 for the planned invasion of Malta. It was transferred to Sicily in February 1943 and was planned to be shipped to North Africa but that order was cancelled.
It fought the Allied landings in Sicily and suffered heavy losses, the suriving elements were withdrawn to mainland Italy in August 1943. It surrendered to the German forces in September 1943.

In some sources this division is incorrectly listed as an Assault and landing division.

Order of battle

33. Livorno Infantry Regiment
34. Livorno Infantry Regiment
28. Monviso Artillery Regiment
4. Motor Tricycle Group
4. Mortar Battalion
4. Anti-Tank Battalion
4. Engineer Battalion
- 4. Signals Company
- 4. Training and Radio Company
- 7. Chemical Company
- 20. Pioneer Company
11. Engineer Battalion
12. Medical Section
- 13. Surgical Unit
68. Medical Section
- 20. Field Hospital
- 22. Field Hospital
- 63. Field Hospital
- 122. Field Hospital
8. Supply Section
4. Motor Transport Section
56. Bakery Squadron
10. Carabinieri Section
11. Carabinieri Section

Sources used

George F. Nafziger - Italian Order of Battle: An organizational history of the Italian Army in World War II (3 vol)

Reference material on this unit

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