The 3. Celere Division Amedeo Duca d'Aosta  was formed in 1934 and was mobilized in June 1940 as a cavalry division and took part in the invasion of Yugoslavia. It was transferred to the Eastern front in August 1941 as part of Corpo di Spedizione Italiano in Russia (CSIR) and was destroyed on the Don River in December 1942.
About half of the division was formed into a kampfgruppe and continued to fight until february 1943.

The surviving elements were withdrawn to Italy in March 1943 and it was disbanded after a brief resistance against the German forces in September 1943.

Order of battle (August 1940)

3. Savoia Cavalry Regiment
5. Novara Lancer Regiment
San Giorgio Armored Battalion
3. Autocelere Artillery Regiment (mot)
3. Bersaglieri Regiment
356. Carabinieri Section
3. Transportation Unit
7. Road Movement Group
40. Post Office
103. Mixed Engineer Company
45. Field Hospital
46. Field Hospital
47. Field Hospital
73. Medical Section
93. Quartermaster Section
213. Motor Transport Command
872. Light Motor Transport Detachment
873. Light Motor Transport Detachment
874. Light Motor Transport Detachment
36. Mixed Motor Transport Detachment
7. Road Recover Unit
Fuel Section

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Reference material on this unit

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