The 1. Celere Division Eugenio di Savoia was mobilized in 1940 as a cavalry division and served in Yugoslavia, first during the invasion and later as an occupying force on the Dalmatian coast.
It was disbanded in September 1943.

Order of battle (August 1940)

12. Allessandria Cavalry Regiment
14. Cavalleggeri de Saluzzo Cavalry Regiment
11. Bersaglierie Regiment (mot)
San Giusto Armored Battalion
1. Artillery Regiment (mot)
18. CCRR Section
172. CCRR Section
101. Mixed Engineer Company
71. Medical Section
57. Field Hospital
58. Field Hospital
59. Field Hospital
91. Quartermaster section
211. Mixed Motor Transport Group Command
34. Light Transportation Section
53. Light Transportation Section
852. Light Transportation Section
854. Light Transportation Section
1. Transport Unit
5. Road Movement Unit
Heavy Fuel Section
5. Road Recover Unit
18. Field Post Office

Sources used

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Reference material on this unit

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