The 7. Army  was formed in September 1939. After less than three months of active service, the army was disbanded on 14 December 1939. Reformed on 12 June 1940, the army was held in reserve for the Italian invasion of France but saw no action. It was disbanded on 31 October 1940 only to be reformed again on 30 September 1941. The 7. Army assumed the defense of southern Italy including the provinces of Apulia, Campania and Lazio and, in 1942, Calabria. Upon the surrender of Italy in September 1943, the army turned over its vehicles, supplies and coastal positions to the Germans. The three infantry and six coastal divisions that comprised the army were disarmed and the soldiers were allowed to go home.


Generale designato d’Armata H.R.H. Emanuele Filiberto duca di Pistoia (1940 – 1940)
Generale di Corpo d’Armata Franceso Zingales (1941 – 1942)
Generale designato d’Armata H.R.H. Adalberto duca di Bergamo (1942 – 1943)
Generale di Corpo d’Armata Mario Arisio (1943 – 1943)

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