The 2. Army was constituted in June 1938 as a peacetime headquarters under the general officer designated to command it in wartime. It was activated as the 2. Army in August 1939. The army took part in the invasion of Yugoslavia in April 1941 and subsequently occupied western Slovenia and portions of the Dalmatian coast, areas annexed by Italy.
Redesignated General Headquarters Slovenia-Dalmatia on 9 May 1942, the command also took part in anti-partisan operations in western Croatia, Dalmatia and Herzegovina.

Redesignated 2nd Army on 15 May 1943, the 17 divisions of the army refused to join the Germans upon the surrender of Italy. Those units that did not surrender to the Germans and Croats, joined the Partisans – such as the 14. Infantry Division Isonzo, 15. Infantry Division Bergamo, 19. Infantry Division Venezia and 158. Infantry Division Zara – or eventually reached Italy.

This unit took part in anti-partisan operations in Croatia.


Generale designato d’Armata Vittorio Ambrosio (1938 – 1942)
Generale designato d’Armata Mario Roatta (1942 – 1943)
Generale designato d’Armata Mario Robotti (1943 – 1943)

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